In 1992, Skoda Auto helped Czechoslovakia host the

## ## main sponsor of the 2008 World Hockey Championship

If you happen to be in Quebec City or Halifax these days, you’ve probably noticed that a new brand of automobiles is garnering a lot of attention. These cars are standing out quite nicely with their European license plates. This is not a mistake: they came straight from across the Atlantic. In 1992, Skoda Auto helped Czechoslovakia host the championship; a year later, it became the official sponsor. Since then, Canada had never hosted the event, so the fleet of 45 silver colored Skodas now hitting the streets of Quebec City and Halifax is a pretty sight indeed. Owned by German automaker Volkswagen, Skoda uses the Golf/Passat platform for most of its models. The vehicles showcased in Canada represent almost the entire European lineup, including the Fabia, Fabia Combi, Octavia sedans and wagons (with a special RS edition reserved for Ren Fasel, President of the International Ice Hockey Federation) and the all new Superb sedan, which is making its global television debut here in Canada. The cars are presented to the public at the two venues where games are played. You should also know that Skoda is sponsoring both the Czech and Slovakian teams, although jerseys and helmets worn by players of all 16 participating countries are clearly identified with the Skoda logo. What’s more, a plethora of promotional items are available for hockey fans and car enthusiasts alike. Skoda is rapidly growing in Europe and especially Russia. The company is not shy about its plans to conquer new markets. Asia has interesting potential and, of course, North America is tempting, particularly when you consider that Skodas are sold in certain parts of South America, primarily Brazil. In the next few days and weeks, visitors to our website will have the opportunity to discover or rediscover these magnificent automobiles. In the meantime, enjoy the World Hockey Championship.

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